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Books by Mark Fletcher

by Mark Fletcher
Level 4

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Teaching for Success

By popular demand, here is a resource book which brings a wealth of information and practical activities to teachers wishing to enjoy the benefits of the Brain-friendly revolution.

Scientific study suggests that most of us a relatively small proportion of our available brain power! What could we achieve if we used a bit more?


  • this book explains how understanding of the brain's working has increased enormously in the last few years

  • how the findings of neurologists have huge implications

  • how more effective linking of the complex systems in the brain demonstrably achieves improved transfer to long-term memory.

Comments on this book

The book gives practical examples that will have a dramatic effect on teaching methods and learning expectations. It includes ways of using Mind Mapping, N.L.P., Suggestopedia, music, colour, learning styles and much more in your classroom.

In addition to Teaching for Success Mark is the author (and illustrator)of the following materials for teaching English. They are available direct from Brain-friendly Publications Titles marked * are photocopiable resources
Pictures of English Tenses *(POETS) levels 1-3 cover Elementary - Upper Intermediate grammar
Pictures of English Tenses for Young Learners *- basic tenses for ages up to 13/14.
Activating Vocabulary *- does just what it says - for all levels
Enterprise Europe - for people interested in commerce/business - uses role play plus CD ROM
Picture Stories Please *- the ultimate 'what can I use for..' resource!
Active 8 *- Communicative games to improve all speaking skills
Grammar Zappers *- making the difficult bits easy
Brainwaves - THE communicative course for people wanting to visit England
Relatively Speaking - a challenging course drawing on culture and civilisation for post-First Certificate students
Making Polite Noises for Intermediate Social English
Flexible Friends learning cards - range of cards for grammar and vocabulary- and also phonetic symbols

He has also edited and illustrated many other titles on the Brain friendly Publications list as well writing books for Longman, Mary Glasgow etc.
Brain-friendly is the registered Trade Mark of Mark Fletcher & Richard Munns
For more details, contact Mark Fletcher at:
Or: Brain-friendly Learning, 25 Julian Rd, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 5HW