Comments on Teaching for Success by Mark Fletcher

Frank McNeil - Institute of Education, University of London
This excellent book provides a practical workshop for any teacher who wants to consider new approaches to learning and teaching. The author is well known for promoting fresh approaches to teaching and his work is based on multiple forms of intelligence, brain-friendly teaching, suggestopedia language work, accelerated learning and neuro linguistic programming. Mark Fletcher has written an enjoyable and informative book which values the importance of teachers and their work.
Andrew Adonis - Prime Minister's Policy unit, 10 Downing Street
"Teaching for Success"; what a novel and stimulating book it is!
Eva Hoffman - Director, Learn to Learn Organisation
It's truly friendly, flows easily and pleasantly, and has everything teachers need to know. It certainly is the best book for teachers I have read (and I have read quite a few...). Congratulations!
Jane Arnold - Society for Effective Affective Learning
This book has unquestionably done what I look for books on teaching to do; it has given me information and inspiration and has contributed to my "teaching for success".
Peter Saladin - Teacher Trainer Switzerland
You managed indeed to sum up in a readable and pleasurable way all the tools a teacher or learner needs to be successful. And this in a straightforward and easy language. Congratulations.
Susan Barduhn - President Elect IATEFL
Inspiring - and you can quote me.
Ken Beare - ESLguide
I'd like to congratulate you on your fantastic book that impresses by the dense amount of theory presented in a playful way, while at the same time giving teachers lots of exercises, tips, and further materials for thought to put it all into practice. Quite an achievement indeed!
Chris Athey - British Library
I found your book very interesting, complex ideas and research findings made really accessible and fun to work through like a work-book.
Adrian Underhill - President International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.
I think it's great and I have already recommended it.
Robin Cain - Review in English Teaching professional magazine
If you're interested in innovative teaching methods and the new learning, and how it applies in the classroom Teaching for Success is for you. It is a hands-on teachers' guide based on the refreshing idea that learning should and can be organised to reflect how humans learn.
Professor Michael Barber - Head of Standards and Effectiveness Unit, Department of Education and Employment
(The book) makes a useful contribution to the professional development resources available in the area of 'learning to learn'...
Gerald Haigh - Times Educational Supplement
This a fun book for teachers with activities that will illuminate their work... there's plenty of theory alongside the fun and games.
Toby Greany - Campaign for Learning
Teaching for Success provides a refreshingly lighthearted introduction to some of the underlying thinking and practical applications of learning to learn for teachers, including learning styles, multiple intelligences and NLR. Aimed at teacher's from all disciplines the book is as much a 'thinking piece' as a handbook, rightly so in a field that is constantly developing.