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Mark Fletcher, 
MA (Oxon), PG Cert Ed (London), 
Director of Brain Friendly Learning

Welcome to Brain-friendly learning

Current scientific studies demonstrate that effective linking of the different systems of the brain during the learning process improves the transfer of knowledge into long term memory. Brain-friendly learning techniques are designed to maximise this advantage.

Brain-friendly learning and Brain-friendly publications offers a selection of materials and seminars which will assist teacher organisations, schools, companies and individuals to improve the effectiveness of their teaching/learning.

Welcome to the brain-friendly revolution!

  • Can we be better teachers/learners by getting more of the brain involved?

  • Brain learning doodle
  • If so, how do we do it?

  • How does memory work?

  • What skills can be acquired to help us remember things?

  • How can we create an optimum mental and physical environment for learning?

  • What is the role of 'stress', 'music', 'age', 'self-esteem' in learning?

  • What are the practical applications of ideas about Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, unconscious processing?

Mind map doodle

These are just some of the issues addressed by Brain-friendly seminars and courses. Seminars are designed for TEFL/TESOL teachers but can be adapted. Click Dates for details of training in the UK and elsewhere.

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Brain-friendly is the registered Trade Mark of Mark Fletcher & Richard Munns
For more details, contact Mark Fletcher at:
Or: Brain-friendly Learning, 25 Julian Rd, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 5HW
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