For Teachers or future teachers of English.
Brain-friendly training is also available for other groups on request.

An evening or half day event can typically include any two from this menu

Don’t get tense about tenses

Brain learning doodle

Lots of practical ways to improve accuracy in the use of basic tenses through colours, chant, mini-role plays, pictures, games

The text comes alive

Simple visualisation, Mind Mapping, ‘drama’ techniques to make comprehension passages communicative and improve reading skills

The brain and learning

Lively seminar on recent findings to update ‘right-left’hemisphere model, EI , Multiple intelligences, Memory, ‘windows of opportunity’ etc

Activating vocabulary

Motivating and creative ways to use and remember the target language

Study skills

Practical strategies which will greatly help the student (and their teachers)

Music and learning

Teacher-friendly ways to start working with music in class-and also a DIY opportunity to gain confidence in ‘concert reading’

Fun with phonology

Lots of activities to raise awareness of pronunciation and intonation- and of course to help students improve

Business English gets communicative

Demonstrating several easy-to-adapt tasks which are light-hearted but engage participants in functions from planning to evaluation

D.I.Y Picasso

You won’t be commissioned to re-do the Sistine Chapel, but you will rapidly improve your whiteboard drawing through familiarity with these ‘quick-result’ gimmicks

An accelerated learning lesson

Using ‘Walter’ or one of the other Grammar Zappers this demonstrates how a number of techniques (visualisation, music, memory maps, realia etc) link together. Could easily become one of your own favourite lessons!

Requests for other topics/combinations welcome, of course.

The seminars can be geared to particular target groups and can be held in the UK or elsewhere.

For more details contact Mark at the address given below.

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